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Three Steps to Successful Workplace Security Systems Integration

security systems integration

For a business or major institution, security systems integration is a top priority. Through the integration of security systems, the facility or office benefit from efficiencies that did not exist when the systems “stand alone” and had no reliance on one another for notification. These systems include access control, video management, intrusion detection and emergency communications (mass notification). Although recent technological advances in the […]

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Tech Trend: Cloud-Based Videoconferencing Solutions


Have you ever asked yourself how can I save my business money and improve efficiency? How about your clients business? It may not seem like a probable answer but cloud-based videoconferencing can do just that. Videoconferencing has for a long time been looked at as a way to communicate remotely with anyone on the planet. Reducing travel costs, improving communication efficiency, and accelerating accurate […]

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High-Tech Hospitality Design

High-Tech Hospitality Design

Like anything dealing with technology these days, change is at an ultimate rate of speed that is why PlanNet has created this hospitality technology primer to provide Architects with a high‐level overview of the hospitality focused technology that is relevant in today’s modern hospitality industry and to show how these systems integrate together. From self-check-in to self-check-out, to ordering room service from an app […]

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Top Audio Visual Trends for 2015 and Beyond

Top Audio Visual Trends for 2015 and Beyond A User’s Guide For Design Professionals and Business Owners The Greek Philosopher Heraclitus once said “there is nothing permanent except change.” Although I’m sure he meant this on a trans-humanist level at the time, he perfectly forecasted the state of the ever-changing audio visual (AV) industry 2,500 years later! One of the most exciting parts of […]

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Must-Have Principles for Hospital Information Systems Infrastructure

You’ve built a Hospital Information System infrastructure, what’s next? Are you tasked to design and deploy a modern wired and wireless Hospital Information System infrastructure that provides a high level of service and availability? If so, much thought throughout the design must be given to ensure success from day one without requiring an upgrade or replacement cycle for another five to seven years. Here […]

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BIG Trends in IT Security

IT Security

As many have learned leaving business data vulnerable opens the door to slew of problems with the propensity of technology hacking, hacktivism and internal and external data theft. Implementing solid IT security measures is an essential component of running a successful business in today’s complex digital world. When it comes to the information technology arena, IT security refers to the strategy, processes and tools […]

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