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Creating (Automated) Rack Elevations using Excel…

OK. Well, this is actually a Webinar that will show you how to take an inventory list and view that list as a Rack elevation. We will provide the following information:

Rack Elevations



The purpose for creating Rack Elevations in Excel are to make sure that we have a visual representation of our equipment that lives in our rack space within a row and room.  This is a Visual representation based upon our detail data within our server list.  The key for this is that it is produced from the list of devices we have in our inventory, preferably on another tab within the same spread sheet.

Expected results

We want to (on a basic level) be able to produce a “picture” of each of our racks within a row of our datacenter.  Also to filter on Building, Floor and Row.
The idea is to produce elevations with equipment that is not yet racked so we can make sure we want to put the equipment in that rack…Example of Rack Elevation using Excel


In order for this to work, you will need to have consistent data and naming conventions for your data.  As an example, In the sample I provide all of the rack names are 2 digit “Text” numbers starting with a 01 – 99  this allows for consistency in sorting as well as looks.  Excel tends to try an manipulate numbers so I keep them Text….You should think about that when dealing with anything that you will be reporting on.

Functions Used  

            VLOOKUP(), CONCATENATE(), ISNA()

Other Tools

            Pivot Tables

           Multiple Sheet Reference

Provide Hands On Demo….

Thanks to user feedback, I’ve added a colorful view that shows Power usage by Rack:

Rack Elevations

Meter View:

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