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Client Representation / Program Management

The key to successful management of any project is staying on budget and finishing on time. Add to those goals the complexities involved in any technology project – let alone a data center transition – and the success factors increase exponentially.

Data center deployments involve multiple stakeholders and service providers which include architects, engineers, contractors, IT vendors, network providers, and a multitude of client staff resources.

Successful Data Center Deployment

Drawing on PlanNet’s experience and broad subject matter expertise will ensure a successful system deployment. Whether you are undertaking a minor change or designing a brand new data center facility, PlanNet can guide you through every phase of the project life-cycle. We’ll manage and represent your interests throughout the entire program from selecting architects and contractors, to managing construction, commissioning and transition to ownership. 

  • Construction Management
  • Competitive procurement of design, design-build and general contractor services
  • Contract Negotiations Change and Risk Management
  • Cost and Schedule Management
  • Coordination with IT designers, vendors and service providers
  • Migration Management 

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