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Owner Representation

Owner Representation

The key to successful management of any project is staying on budget and finishing on time. Add to those goals the complexities involved in any technology project – let alone a data center transition – and the success factors increase exponentially.

Data center deployments involve multiple stakeholders and service providers which include architects, engineers, contractors, IT vendors, network providers, and a multitude of client staff resources.

Successful Data Center Deployment

Drawing on PlanNet’s experience and broad subject matter expertise will ensure a successful system deployment. Whether you are undertaking a minor change or designing a brand new data center facility, PlanNet can guide you through every phase of the project life-cycle. We’ll manage and represent your interests throughout the entire program from selecting architects and contractors, to managing construction, commissioning and transition to ownership. 

  • Construction Management
  • Competitive procurement of design, design-build and general contractor services
  • Contract Negotiations Change and Risk Management
  • Cost and Schedule Management
  • Coordination with IT designers, vendors and service providers
  • Migration Management 

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