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Setting up and using Tables in Excel

Why Use a Table? To Organize your Data of course.   It’s easy, you should try it too 😉

Many folks sort and filter their data with no problems… That being said, they are missing out on an easy method to maintain and organize data. Not to mention open the world of other ancillary tools that use tables. So this Blog Post will delve into the Why, What and How of Tables in excel.

Why: As I mentioned above, Tables are an easy way to organize your data for sorting and filtering purposes. It is also the pre-cursor to pivot tables and third party tools that use tables.  Ablebits is a good example of a strong third party tool that will merge and manage tables.

What: In order to use Tables, you just need an organized list of items with information that you are trying to manage. Just like a Database is made up of Tables of information, your table in excel is the same thing.  Although you don’t need to worry about things like unique keys, indexes etc…

How:  Well the best way to describe the how is to well… Show it… So just click on the Video below.

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