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Voice and Video Communications

Communications Technologies from Single Sites to Multi-site Global Enterprises

Voice and Video CommunicationPlanNet has helped hundreds of companies and institutions successfully select, procure and implement converged communications technologies from single sites to multi-site global enterprises. PlanNet’s expertise spans across voice communications, conferencing, call centers, unified messaging, presence, wireless cellular, and telecommunications billing and contracts.

Voice Communications

PlanNet can help you select a voice communications platform to meet your organizational needs. We can perform an user needs assessment, RFP development, procurement, contract negotiations and/or implementation oversight. Additionally, we can leverage our network engineering capabilities for a complete IP-based solution.

Call Centers

Despite the growth of Internet services for supporting customer interactions, contact centers will continue to play a major role in serving customers. The variety of technologies and tools supporting the numerous ways (or modes) that customers prefer when interacting with organizations is dizzying.

We estimate there are over 50,000 contact centers, formal and informal, in the United States. Every single one wrestles with the same universal challenge: How do we balance the cost of providing the service with the desired level of service that customers expect? At PlanNet, every contact center project we do incorporates this key strategic element.

Unified Communications

Unified Communications (UC), presence management and collaboration will change how enterprises communicate and conduct business processes. While that may well be true, how does yet another revolutionary technology change the way you support users today and to what degree should it impact your planning for the future? Because unified communications impacts virtually everything – desktops, cell phones, servers, corporate networks, storage architectures, security policies, business processes, and more. PlanNet can help you understand how to best leverage this continually evolving technology.

Video Conferencing and Telepresence

Organizations are always looking for ways to improve workforce efficiency and reduce operating expenses. Lower telecommunications costs and improved quality in videoconferencing technology, particularly telepresence, has made the technology a cost-effective alternative to travel. Also, many organizations are searching for ways to implement green initiatives and reduce their global carbon footprint. Government debate over carbon emissions may eventually lead to legislation forcing organizations to implement videoconferencing as part of an overall strategy.

PlanNet has helped numerous public and private companies and institutions implement videoconferencing and telepresence solutions. There are many facets to deploying remote collaboration such as integration of room design, acoustics, lighting, networking, telecommunications, audio, video displays, and document cameras. Because PlanNet has expertise in all of these areas and because we are an objective technical advisor, we can help you select the best platform and ensure it gets implemented properly.

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